Creating a virtual server

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Creating a virtual server

To create a virtual server you have to be logged in as SuperAdmin.


From the SuperAdmin dashboard, push the "New Virtual Server" button, and follow the guided procedure.


First of all you have to decide whether you want to perform a "Quick Setup" (asks just a few questions, assumes a lot) or an "Advanced Setup" (asks a lot more questions, assumes almost nothing). This help topic shows all the steps included in the advanced setup.




The first necessary information to create your virtual server is the name. The real name cannot contain any spaces or special characters, if you need something more descriptive you can use the "friendly name" field.




Next you have to create the first administrative profile for your new virtual server. We recommend you choose a strong password here (at least 8 characters long). You will be able to create more administrators for this virtual server later, this is just the first one.




Then you have to specify what's the primary intended use of this virtual server. A precise answer to this little question will actually configure a huge amount of security aspects. Review all the options, and if you still don't know what to choose, please, choose the recommended one.




Now you can set some limits to the number of users that an administrator can create, and the initial value of how many of them can log in at the same time. The second value (concurrent logins) can later on be changed by any administrator of this virtual server.




You're almost done. You only have to set the "bindings" now, and then let the wizard create the virtual server for you. If some ports are unavailable, the guided procedure will inform you and ask you to choose different ports.




After this, the wizard has enough information to create your virtual server for you.