Server! is a secure SSH/SFTP, FTP, FTPS, FTPES server for Windows. In addition to securely transferring files, the SSH subsystem also provides basic Secure Shell and Tunneling capabilities.


IMPORTANT: This help/manual covers the most basic topics, but much (much!!!) more information is provided, and constantly updated, via our Knowledge Base website. Please consult and bookmark the Knowledge Base, it's an invaluable tool for Server!'s administrators. Thank you.


The software comes in several editions:

Free Edition: a limited version that allows up to 5 concurrent connections from a single client (IP address) at a time. This edition can be used exclusively for personal or for testing/evaluation purposes (provided it's not deployed in a production environment). All other uses, including but not limited to business, commercial, educational, government, groupware, and so on, imply the requirement for a paid license. The Free Edition doesn't have any time limitation, it does not expire, and is eligible to all upgrades and updates that will be released for the Free Edition, however, with the limitations outlined here and in the End-User License Agreement (EULA). Installing and/or operating the software implies the full acceptance of said EULA.

Basic | Professional | Ultimate Editions: Server! allows - with the purchase of a paid license - to accept and unlimited (configurable) number of concurrent client connections and can be used for any purpose. There are functional differences between these three editions of the software, and such differences are detailed here.


For any help not covered in the manual, please visit our Knowledge Base website.