There are several aspects of a virtual server that can be configured after its creation.

All of them can be accesses by clicking on the virtual server's name in the SuperAdmin dashboard.




The first aspect is the opt-in/opt-out data analytics participation. Syncplify offers you to send totally anonymous statistical information to its analytics servers, for the only and exclusive purpose of improving our software. You can opt out at any time, but of course we hope you will help us making Server! better and better. We guarantee that all acquired information is totally anonymous, we don't track any information that may allow us to correlate these statistical data to our customers.



You can also modify the limits related to the number of users, type of users, type of VFS, as well as set limits to the disks and folders that an administrator is allowed to use as root for his/her virtual file systems (VFS).



You can also create new administrators and/or edit the existing ones. You have 3 possible roles for your administrators:

1.Admin: can fully administer the virtual server

2.ViewOnly: can see every detail of the configuration but cannot modify it

3.DashBoardOnly: can only see the dashboard and nothing else



You can then access the nodes configuration. To configure the bindings for a specific node, click on the Node ID.



When you click on the Node ID you will access a modal window that allows you to edit the bindings of that specific node of the current virtual server.



Please make sure the ports you choose are free and available.