The Server! scripting engine was written in Delphi, thus there is a rich set of standard Delphi functions which can be used in a script. And not only when you are using PascalScript, actually these function have been imported and made available to all the scripting languages implemented in Server!. At the moment, please, refer to the official Delphi documentation to learn how to use these functions:

function IntToStr(i: Integer): String
function FloatToStr(e: Extended): String
function DateToStr(e: Extended): String
function TimeToStr(e: Extended): String
function DateTimeToStr(e: Extended): String
function VarToStr(v: Variant): String
function StrToInt(s: String): Integer
function StrToFloat(s: String): Extended
function StrToDate(s: String): Extended
function StrToTime(s: String): Extended
function StrToDateTime(s: String): Extended
function Format(Fmt: String; Args: array): String
function FormatFloat(Fmt: String; Value: Extended): String
function FormatDateTime(Fmt: String; DateTime: TDateTime): String
function FormatMaskText(EditMask: string; Value: string): string
function EncodeDate(Year, Month, Day: Word): TDateTime
procedure DecodeDate(Date: TDateTime; var Year, Month, Day: Word)
function EncodeTime(Hour, Min, Sec, MSec: Word): TDateTime
procedure DecodeTime(Time: TDateTime; var Hour, Min, Sec, MSec: Word)
function Date: TDateTime
function Time: TDateTime
function Now: TDateTime
function DayOfWeek(aDate: DateTime): Integer
function IsLeapYear(Year: Word): Boolean
function DaysInMonth(nYear, nMonth: Integer): Integer
function Length(s: String): Integer
function Copy(s: String; from, count: Integer): String
function Pos(substr, s: String): Integer
procedure Delete(var s: String; from, count: Integer): String
procedure Insert(s: Stringvar s2: String; pos: Integer): String
function Uppercase(s: String): String
function Lowercase(s: String): String
function Trim(s: String): String
function NameCase(s: String): String
function CompareText(s, s1: String): Integer
function Chr(i: Integer): Char
function Ord(ch: Char): Integer
procedure SetLength(var S: String; L: Integer)
function Round(e: Extended): Integer
function Trunc(e: Extended): Integer
function Int(e: Extended): Integer
function Frac(X: Extended): Extended
function Sqrt(e: Extended): Extended
function Abs(e: Extended): Extended
function Sin(e: Extended): Extended
function Cos(e: Extended): Extended
function ArcTan(X: Extended): Extended
function Tan(X: Extended): Extended
function Exp(X: Extended): Extended
function Ln(X: Extended): Extended
function Pi: Extended
procedure Inc(var i: Integer; incr: Integer = 1)
procedure Dec(var i: Integer; decr: Integer = 1)
procedure Randomize
function Random: Extended
function ValidInt(cInt: String): Boolean
function ValidFloat(cFlt: String): Boolean
function ValidDate(cDate: String): Boolean
function VarArrayCreate(Bounds: Array; Typ: Integer): Variant