Here's a list of terms commonly used throughout this entire help system. In order to correctly understand the meaning of some topics, you have to keep in mind what certain terms mean in the Server!'s universe.


  • Machine or VM: a physical or virtual computer system with a Windows operating system running in it. This is where you have installed Server!
  • Virtual SFTP Site: depending on your Server! license (edition) you may be able to run multiple instances of the SFTP/FTP(E/S) server on the same Machine or VM. Each one of such independent secure file transfer services is called "virtual SFTP site". This is what in previous versions of our software we used to call "instances" (v3) or "virtual servers" (v4).
  • Node: each virtual server is composed of at least one node; in high-availability (HA) deployments a virtual server can be composed of multiple nodes (machines).
  • SuperAdmin: a special administrative account, the only account that can create virtual servers and their administrators (admins).
  • Admin: a user profile created by the SuperAdmin that has the ability to manage a specific virtual server.